There is nothing wrong with an occasional glass of wine or two. However, there are cases when a glass of wine slowly turns into a bottle and a couple of beers into a night full of partying. The truth is that we all need some time to unwind from time to time, but we all know the most probable consequences.

The thing is that very often a night of having fun is a morning of pain. Splitting headache and nausea are the usual companions of hangovers, sad but true. Yet, there are a couple of recipes that can make your hangover a little lighter or maybe cure you of it completely. Today that is going to be the exact topic of our article so if you are party men – then you should definitely read on!


Sometimes when you know that getting a little drunk is inevitable, you better take some remedy beforehand, and the extract of prickly pear is considered to be the magical liquid. It is belief that if you drink some of it a few hours prior to the drinking itself the next morning won’t be as painful for you.


Hydration is the key to everything, and you may have already heard that. However when you are drinking, you are basically draining your body of all the liquids, and that is what ends up with nausea and headache. To avoid that we suggest you drink a lot of water while drinking or in the morning you should make sure that the first thing you do is hydrate yourself.



Some people are not afraid of the hangover as they are afraid of getting actually drunk. The thing is that faster your body is absorbing the alcohol the faster you will end up drunk. Yet, there is a way of preventing the alcohol from being absorbed – all you need to do is to consume a spoonful of olive oil a few hours before going out. In case there is no olive oil at hand you can always try some greasy food like pizza or fries instead.


It is not a secret to anyone that alcohol is high in sugar, but it is advised to consume some more of it while drinking. How will that help you may wonder? The thing is that while you consume the sugar together with alcohol, you will speed up your metabolism but do not do it before or after drinking since there will be no use for it.

5. NAP

Very often, when we have been drinking it is quite not that easy to fall asleep at the regular time you do. However, your body still needs it rest, and it may protest in the way of making your head split up. That is why one of the best solutions to deal with hangover is to sleep it off. Well, but not always that is a possible way out, we know.


There are many great properties that baking soda possesses, and all of them are still not fully discovered. But it is already known that baking soda can help you deal with a hangover. You can either opt for some store-bought Alka-Seltzer, or you can make your magic potion out of a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda and a glass of water.


It may seem like the easiest way out to pop a painkiller pill when your headache becomes excruciating, but some people decide to deal with it as a punishment for yesterday. The truth is that dealing with a headache is not a great idea since it will only worsen it that is why if you have a pain relief pill at hand – take it!

Last but not least, some people cure the hangover with alcohol. To tell you the truth that is not the worst suggestion since it actually helps. The thing is that once your body is free of alcohol, it starts to actually ask for more that is why it is totally up to you whether to have that morning drink or not.

To sum everything up we would like to say that we know that life is not the easiest thing to put up with and sometimes drinking seems like the best way out, but it isn’t. You should remember that alcohol addiction is still the addiction and people die from it too. That is why make your choices wisely and keep it in mind that everything is good once it comes in moderation.



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