7 Ways You Can Bring a Relief To Your Agonizing Neck Pain


Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt like you can’t even turn your head to one side? Neck stiffness is a significant problem and even more so among the youth of today. Stiff neck happens when the muscles in your neck lose their strength or get tired. One of the main reasons for this is posture.

So, yes, you can blame your phone for it? But since we are living in a world where computers are essential to pay your bills, so, let’s look at how we can bring relief to our neck pain:

Sleeping Position

At times, we wake up with agonizing pain in our neck because of the way we sleep. We should try to sleep on our back or on the side. We should never sleep with our stomach facing the bed. Our head tends to twitch when we sleep on our stomach and since it does not get the support from our lower back, the stomach starts to sink into the bed affecting our lower back.

Using Flattened Pillows

Sleeping on a number of pillows is never a great option. This makes our neck go out of the range of its motion and can develop the feeling of stiffness around your neck. If you don’t want the stiffness to persist, then opt for sleeping on a flatter pillow that keeps your neck within the range of motion.


Correct Posture

It is necessary to keep the right posture so that it does not create tension on your neck muscles. While working on the computer, place it at your eye level and don’t tilt your head. Also, when you are driving try to take some breaks and don’t keep your neck bent forward for a long time.

Do A Bit Of Stretching
  • When you have a stiff neck, try to stretch it in specific ways to get instant relief. Some of the ways are:
  • Roll your shoulders backward and then, roll it downwards, ten times.
  • Squeeze both the blades of your shoulder together for about ten times.
  • Try to push your head back into the headrest of the car or your hands and keep it like that for about thirty seconds.
  • Tilt your neck on either side ten times, such that the ear reaches your shoulder.
Massage Is A Must

Massaging will always relieve any kinds of knots in your muscles. It will aid in the proper circulation of fluids and hence, stop the formation of scar tissue around the neck. Massaging can also be done in the lower back area but remember, the first times should be slow or else, things can go a lot worse.


Painkillers are wonderful to provide instant relief from your pain. Just pop one NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) brought from the shop like ibuprofen or aspirin. You can have muscles relaxants too if you are dealing with spasms. However, if the pain is really serious, pair the muscle relaxant or NSAID with an analgesic.

Heating Or Using Ice Pack

The traditional method of relieving pain still works wonders. If a specific area is inflamed, then just apply ice to get immediate relief. Try doing it for ten to fifteen minutes per day. On the other hand, you can go to a hot bath to relax your strained muscles.

Neck pain can be really bothersome, use these techniques and get rid of it as soon as possible.



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