Reasons You Cannot Sleep Well at Night


Reasons You Cannot Sleep Well at Night

Do you turn all night and feel exhausted in the morning?

Millions of Americans need a wake-up call every morning. Here are a few surprising reasons you are not sleeping well: Sleep deprivation can sometimes be due the things that happened before the bed. One surprising reason can be your loved one, your partner. When they are in pain, it can affect your sleep, and in fact, the closer the partners are emotionally the more they can feel each others’ pain.

The next reason is full moon! Four nights before and four nights after the full moon you have diminished sleep quality, you sleep 20 minutes (on average) less, and the sleep gets one third less deep. Though there is not something you can do about this one, you can at least plan your days accordingly.

The third reason is the medication you are taking. We all know that medication have side affects one of which can be insomnia. In these cases ask your doctor if you can take the medicine in the morning, so that the insomnia affect would not be that profound.


The fourth reason is your pillow! It can be too hot. Some people have the habit of turning their pillows over to the cold side. The research has shown that it has a biological reason. When your head temperature gets cooler, it cools all your body down and makes you fall asleep and stay asleep easier. The room temperature is overall a very important factor, and the optimum temperature is between 64 and 68 degrees.

Good sleep at night can largely affect your overall health: how much you weigh, how much stressed you get, how strong your immune system is, how high is your blood pressure, how safe you are from diabetes and heart disease,…

… you can assume that as one single best thing you can do for your health.



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