The Biggest Loser’s Secret Weight Loss Drink Revealed


The Biggest Loser is one of the most popular reality shows on television, and the weight loss transformations are what has viewers turning season after season. With so many people trying to lose weight, it’s no surprise that viewers of the show might wonder “How exactly do they lose weight so fast!”. It’s obvious to see that exercise plays a huge part of losing weight on the show. But with exercise there is only so many calories you can burn in a single day or week. So there also has to be another source of weight loss. Again diet plays an important role in weight loss, and the Biggest Loser contestants have great nutritional advice as well. But there is something the producers have been keeping under wraps in a serious way.

The Biggest Loser’s secret weight loss drink revealed

A former finalist of the show who requests to stay anonymous said that the contestants were drinking a proprietary detox drink recipe at nearly every meal. The contestant was quoted as saying “They had us drinking the stuff constantly…..we’d get pretty sick of it since it’s practically all we’d drink….But I swear by that stuff I wouldn’t have come even close without drinking it” the contestant went on to describe how taking a break from the drink almost got them kicked off the show. “One week early on in the show I decided to take a break from the drink because I was just plain tired of it you know? My trainer was pretty upset about it and the producers told me that I really should be drinking it….I didn’t follow the instructions and when I weighed in that week I had my lowest weigh in yet. I wasn’t working out any less hard and nothing changed in my diet other than this drink….I was a believer after that.

I sucked it up and no matter how tired of it I was I kept drinking it all the way until the finale”. Now viewers of the show most certainly would want to know what this drink is and why it hasn’t been shared on the show yet. Well sources say that producers have been very protective of the recipe. Even trainer Jillian Michaels was banned from ever sharing this recipe after she left the show. Producers were so afraid that another weight loss show would utilize the drink that it became one of the Biggest Losers Biggest Secrets. It wasn’t until recently when our unnamed contestant shared the secret recipe with us. “I thought it was important people know one of the biggest secrets to my weight loss…I hope I don’t get in trouble with the shows producers but this is the drink recipe”

“You brew one cup of green tea, the better quality of green tea the better. Make sure you brew the green tea as strong as you can. The drinks we used to make started off with the darkest tea drink you can get. Then you add in 1 tablespoon of cranberry juice, the sugar free kind. Mix the juice in and it will get sort of a dark brown color to it. Then add one tea spoon of powdered cinnamon, and mix it into the drink. Add a small pinch of cayenne pepper, I would try to put as much as tolerable. Then squeeze a half of a fresh lemon into the drink. They always stressed that we use fresh lemons rather than pre-juiced. We would either drink this hot or refrigerate the drink and have it cold”


The secret Biggest Loser Finalist suggests that the viewers have the drink three times per day with each meal if possible or start slower and slowly incorporate it into more meals as you get used to it. (



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