This is not a magic solution that promises to “cleanse the kidneys within 3 days”


This is not a magic solution that promises to “cleanse the kidneys within 72 hours”, but will help in this process. First, you should avoid drinking coffee, alcohol, soda, salt and products with a high content of protein in the first three days. All these products irritate the kidneys and prevents the removal of toxins from the bladder.

Try to replace these drinks with mineral water and meat with flax seeds and sunflower seeds and almonds. Start the day with a breakfast containing cranberry juice, it helps reduce the amount of calcium accumulated in the bladder.

These sediments slow kidney function and prevent the elimination of toxins. Also, it prevents urinary tract infections and kidney stones, which are very painful.

At brunch, drink a glass of juice rich in potassium, since it acts as a detoxifying tonic that gives you energy throughout this three days’ process. You can prepare a carrot juice, celery, parsley and spinach, or you can mix the ingredients in a blender to get a smoothie.


At noon, drink a glass of liquid chlorophyll, a substance that gives plants their green color. You can find it in herbal stores. You can also plant grass in a pot and then cut from there and add to blender. Chlorophyll improves the immune system, helps clean the blood and provides many other benefits.

Between lunch and dinner, for snack time, drink a glass of seed watermelon tea. This drink has a very diuretic effect that contributes to the functioning of the kidneys and bladder. It helps in better digestion of food and the intestinal motility at night.

Before dinner, drink a glass of carrot juice to regulate the frequency of urination. You can drink cranberry juice too.

Regarding meals, eat what you want, but take into account the recommendation of giving up meat in the first three days, and flour. Takes the opportunity to change your diet food.

Before going to bed, drink mint tea or dandelion leaves tea. They detoxify the body and helps you digest food better at night.

Do not forget to exercise or practice a sport in these three days. You can take a walk for 30 minutes every day for a better functioning of the kidneys. I recommend that you make a visit to the sauna to eliminate toxins through perspiration. You can also do a hot bath home, then you revive a hot shower or cold.

And not ultimately, lie down in the evening and morning. If you stretch the trunk and limbs, you will “activate” the body, giving more energy to start and face the day in an optimal state.



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